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I recently had rtt with Hilary. Having never had it before I was skeptical and wasn’t sure that it would really work.

I have had a life long sugar addiction that I have controlled reasonably well but it’s always required effort.

Within a week of the rtt and listening to my personal recording I wasn’t interested in sugar any more and more shockingly chocolate just didnt call to me at all.

I am still in awe a month later at how little interest I have in my previous addiction.

If anyone is in two minds, just do it, Hilary is amazing at what she does. She is gentle, supportive, will make you feel at ease.

I have a fear of heights and want to do a sky dive in the summer, I will definitely Work with Hilary again she is so genuine and skilled. I couldn’t ask for more.

Naima Mohamed

This was absolutely the right therapy for me.

It has been a game changer in terms of removing the energy blocks and allowing me to heal.

I can’t believe how effective it has been. Never experienced anything like it.

Hilary is lovely and made me feel v comfortable throughout.

I’m recommending it to everyone I feel would benefit. I absolutely believe in the aims of this approach in helping me to be the best version of me. I’ve tried a few things in the past but this has been the best by far as it targeted deep issues that needed resolving.

Salma Mehboob

I love Hilary’s approach , what years of therapy didn’t help me achieve, she helped me in two sessions.

I have a sense of self, confidence and fearlessness that I love!

I feel fabulous most of the time.

A lifetime of not feeling good enough is behind me now

I love life and live it to the full.

My relationships are more honest and full of energy.

RTT is Rapid – it has lead to results in my Personal and Professional life and helped me grow my Business!

Taniya Hussain

Hilary is an Amazing hypnotherapist! She is both highly intuitive and intelligent. She also has a very easygoing manner and is kind and a wonderful listener. All of these qualities combined with the extremely powerful RTT method put Hilary at the pinnacle of her profession.
During our session, I felt safe to explore deeply repressed issues. With Hilary facilitating our session I was able to identify and transform blocks that had been keeping me stuck. With empathy, grace and compassion Hilary reframed my issue! The recording she sent had added music that was just perfect.
I am grateful for having found Hilary and benefiting from her healing gifts. I add that all of this positivity was using a video link, I am in the USA and she is in the UK!
Do not hesitate to gift yourself a session with Hilary, you deserve peace and freedom.

Natalie Laitala

I reached out to Hillary 10/6/21, I had heard about RRT/RTT therapy and had many questions and some reservations. I had gone through many serious traumatic events and relationships thus far in my life. However, discovering my spouse’s infidelity two months before contacting Hillary was the final traumatic event that I felt I could shoulder without more intervention, than the traditional therapy I had been involved in for approximately eight months prior to contacting Hillary. 

Hillary was more than willing to answer all my questions, concerns, and gave me space to consider my decision without pressure. I was hesitant to begin another therapy, and spend even more money on more therapy with the fear that I would still end up feeling like I wasn’t making progress. I realized very quickly that I felt at ease with Hillary, even though I had not spoken to her face to face yet. I also realized I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain from what she could offer me. I confirmed to her that I wanted to move forward with sessions. We began with a pre session consultation soon after I confirmed my desire to move forward with therapy. 

I have continuously worked with Hillary since 10/6/21, and my life has been transformed. I have worked on childhood trauma’s, self medicating through food and alcohol, infidelity recovery, anger triggers, and calming techniques. With this amazing help from Hillary I’ve been able to take control of my life in a way I’m not sure I ever possessed previously. She has the most wonderful, calming, soothing voice I’ve ever heard. She is very personable, caring, compassionate, giving, trusting, professional, and non judgmental. She is not the rigid therapeutic professional I’ve encountered before, she is down to earth and more than willing to work with you to understand what you are coping with, and how she can help you heal. 

My only regret through all of this is that I didn’t discover Hillary sooner in my life. I would, and have recommended her to anyone that is seeking true restorative help. I plan to continue working with her, and hope this message reaches anyone that is skeptical like I was. This is worth it, Hillary is more than worth the financial investment you will make in yourself. Hillary has saved my life, and opened up the doors in my mind to a life that is actually worth living.

“Our session was very enlightening for me. Hilary skillfully led me to see the underlying root of my belief system. I gained more clarity on why I had been feeling this way, but most importantly, Hillary helped me “reprogram” those old beliefs and gave me such peace and confidence.  Thank you so much Hilary for this gift!” 

Nikita P

“I was struggling with money issues while building my own business. Although I had done some previous work on this and was fully aware of my family history with my belief systems, I still had days filled with anxiety and worry. I had a session with Hilary to help me to get to the root of some of my belief systems. “

“Our session was very enlightening for me. Hilary skillfully led me to see the underlying root of my belief system. I gained more clarity on why I had been feeling this way, but most importantly, Hillary helped me “reprogram” those old beliefs and gave me such peace and confidence.  Thank you so much Hilary for this gift!” 

Shushan L

Hilary is a wonderful RTT Therapist and ever so kind and gentle with you, and she has the gift to lighten even heavy thoughts and feelings during and after the session.

Very thoughtful, kind and gentle way of going through the session. Guiding me with a lot of compassion and gentleness through even very tough memories, knowing exactly were to ask more and were to not pursue. A wonderful way of preparing me for the first session with recordings to help me to be calm and sleep better!

She guides you back to find the real reasons for your troubles, in my case not being able anymore to handwrite properly (or actually at all after one line), and helps you to change it.

After the session I can now already write half a page without my fingers cramping or being in pain when writing, and I am absolutely sure that it will go completely as I received from Hilary the most amazing audio recording which I can keep using till my brain is completely familiar with the new and true new mindset.

Thank you so much Hilary!
Verena, Austria

Verena Alexandra

 I am engaging with rtt with Hilary to support me to recover after getting burnt out and needing to change unhelpful thinking habits.

 I found Hilary to be very professional and had an amazing voice. She absolutely tailed the audio to my needs.😁

Miranda Browne

The sleep audio is amazing. I’ve had 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

I highly recommend Hilary, she has a very soothing voice and her energy is very calming to be around. She is very knowledgable in her field and has many years experience working with people through a wide range of issues.

Rachel Donnelly

After initially being very sceptical about RTT, and it’s powerful results, I decided to give it a try. 
And I have to say I am so very glad I did! 
I contacted a few therapists and eventually decided to go with Hilary. 
I knew from the first time I spoke to Hilary that I felt very safe and comfortable with her.
I entered into RTT with a degree of scepticism. Surely this is to good to be true?
But I can honestly say that I am so glad I gave it a try.
I feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life, a fresh start. “Permission” to live the life I deserve. 
Through Hilary’s sessions with me, and lots of patience, which she has in abundance!! I feel 
stronger, more confident. And in control. 
In fact, I rather like me now…..  😊 …..I am enough
Thank you Hilary. You are a wonderful woman. 

Rebekah R

Greater Self-Belief & Confidence! Hilary it’s hard to put into words what a profound effect RTT has had for me in a relatively short period of time. I have a greater sense of self-belief then I’ve ever had and have been able to put that into practice with a positive outcome. Thank you so much Hilary for helping me find my inner voice. Next stop the world!

Charlie A

Hilary is an excellent hypnotherapist.
She has a perfect, calm and clear voice for hypnotherapy.
Thanks Hilary


Alan Kelly

I didn’t know very much about Rapid Transformation Therapy and was a bit cynical on how it would help me but when I had a session with Hilary, it really changed my life. I found I had a confidence within myself, a spring in my step and a self belief that has proved unbreakable, I love Hilary’s soft soothing and calming voice. She was very generous with her patience as I had alot of questions on how this may affect me afterward. I liked the fact that I remained conscious and alert throughout the process as I thought I would fall asleep. I never felt out of control and although the session uncovered some painful truths, Hilary guided me to see the scenes from my childhood in a more enlightened and radically different way thus freeing me from remaining frozen in the negative and suffering outlook. I also was reunited with the little girl inside of me and I loved the fact that the session allowed me to take care of her and I was able to re-integrate in a way that I have never been able to before.

Tanya H

I asked Hilary if she could help with my anxiety/panic attacks in social and public places. After her consultation and listening to her recordings I feel much more confident and relaxed when going out.

Simon Cartledge


“I have been in suffering with chronic pain in my back for so many years that I had almost given up believing that I could be pain free. I am overwhelmed by the massive impact that only 2 sessions with Hilary has had on relieving the pain. The benefits have had a ripple effect and improved my life in a much broader sense too as I feel much more positive, happier and relaxed, which I wasn’t expecting. Still listening to my recording which is so uplifting and relaxing it’s become ‘my daily mediation’!!”

Steve M

What Others Are Saying About RTT

100% feeling like Wonder Woman today. It’s hard to believe that only 6 weeks ago my whole life was dominated by pain and managing the Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) and  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). During my RTT session with Marisa Peer, I gained an understanding of why pain was my life and I also gained freedom from it. For the first couple of weeks I was delighted to be free of pain but that delight was tempered by the fear it would return. Then I moved into confidence. Confidence that my joints would hold. Confidence that the pain really was gone. And now I’m overjoyed to have moved into strength. I feel strong in my body. I am amazed and ecstatic to be exercising and loving it. Last week I swam laps and the water didn’t burn my skin. Yesterday I went running with the puppies. Let that sink in peeps. I went RUNNING. And this morning…no pain just enthusiasm to do it again. Oh, and did I mention I’ve also lost 10kgs in the last month. Life is good and Rapid Transformational Therapy is the best.

Ruby M

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you & the work you do. You have changed my Mum’s life.

This year has been horrendous for her. Since New Years Day, she has been admitted to a psychiatric ward twice, had a seizure which put her into intensive care, and has just had to have a hip replacement too.

As you can imagine, her mental state has not been good at all. She began to fear being at home in her flat, because she lives alone. When I say she feared it, I actually mean she was terrified. Her anxiety was through the roof. She had spoken to counsellors, doctors, and psychiatrists and no-one seemed to be able to help reduce her anxiety.

With the help of her lithium medication, her depression finally began to lift. But her morning panic attacks each day, remained. The strange thing was, that these attacks didn’t seem to be conscious. She was getting them in the moments between coming out of sleep, before she was fully conscious. She had asked her psychiatrist if this meant the problem was related to her subconscious mind instead.

His reply was simply “I don’t know”; and she was not given any advice, other than the usual CBT.

I decided that I wanted to try  RTT™ on my Mum; to help with her anxiety at a subconscious level. 

This took place one month ago, and she has not had an anxiety attack since then! The RTT™ process  worked; which just proves to me, how utterly powerful your process is! You have changed my Mum’s life, Marisa.Doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists, CBT couldn’t help her. 

But YOU did.

She felt trapped, helpless to this anxiety. She thought she’d have to live with it forever. But YOU have set her free. And we cannot thank you enough. All the love in the world to you

Faye H